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March 21, 2005



I just finished 7 repeats for the straight section. I had to get back into the groove of it after [utting it down for over a week to crochet doilies.

I want to finish it soon. I think it'll be a great project.


Give your hair a bit, the brassiness may tone down. I get my hair done profesionally and it is always brassy for a few days then it tones down. I think it is because I have some slight red tints in my hair or something. When I used to have my hair dyed blonde they would have to strip all the color out first then dye it so that it wouldn't be brassy.


Sorry about the hair. I used to have that happen when I tried to go blonde blonde blonde. Do you have access to Aveda products? They make a blue malva conditioner that is excellent for toning that down.


Yay! I knew it would work! (the Resolve)
I've been there with the home highlighting...I used one of those Herbal Essences ones, and OMG I really messed up my hair. Afterwards I called my hair guy and begged for him to get me in and fix it. Which he did and to the tune of about $100. I have learned my lesson. I can buy cool clothes at garage sales and thrift stores, and drive used cars, but I never ever skimp on hair cuts or hair color! Now, for the brassiness, do try a toner! I have used a toning mousse by Schwarzkopf called Igora, and it is nice and light and will take care of that brass! http://www.joybeauty.com/shopping2/PriceList.asp?sType=257

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