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August 09, 2005


wendy g

The shrug is beautiful! You know it is really hot when the candles melt. Try and stay cool.


Your shrug is looking great! Yikes on your candles. That is HOT! Hopefully a cold front *will* come in.

laura y

Shrug is looking good. Oh my goodness, the candles are absolutely bent! Yikes! That's really hot! My sympathies! Weather my end isn't that great either, but it's of a different sort.


I think the shrug is going to look great.
Yikes, I've never seen candles melted like that. Hope you're able to cool off soon.


You need some a/c or monster fans in that place. I can't believe the candles melted like that! The shrug is coming along great, I have faith that you can finish it.


Wow! That is pretty hot to bend those candles like that! Your shrug looks great so far!

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