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May 19, 2011



It does look like a duck in that photo before the rest of the parts are added! I've never heard of Alan Dart, but seems like he's worth investigating.


I really have had a lot of fun knitting Alan's patterns. It's a nice change of pace from socks, sweaters and stuff like that.


Andrew looks Great! I'm almost finished this Alan Dart Project and encountered the same problems with the legs not standing straight...I inserted a wooden skewers at about half lenght of each leg and pushed them up into the body, seems to be more solid this way. Hope mine looks as cute as yours when i'm done :-)


@Alexandra I think wooden skewers are a great idea. Whatever is used definitely needs to be more inside the body than what the pattern calls for. Let me know how yours turns out!

Rachel Wallis

I have just bought this pattern, and would like to knit it for my parents who lost their beloved yorkie a few years ago. I am a little confused with the pattern, how do you get the hairstrands onto the body? Any help or advice on this would be very welcome. I am just about to start and am struggling to get hold of the silky look wool - do you know of any good substitute ? many thanks


@Rachel Wallis - So sorry I didn't reply to this earlier, but with the holidays I hadn't checked my blog e-mail account. I used a crochet hook to get the "hairs onto the body. I folded the lengths in half and then used the hook to pull the loop where it's folded in half through a stitch on the body. (Just a little bit). Then I pulled the strands through the loop and tightened it down to the body.

I'm not sure on a substitute for the silky look. I had ordered mine from a shop in the UK. I would think that any fingering weight yarn would work, just be sure to pick something that has a bit of weight to it. It will help it hang better.

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