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June 14, 2011



oh oh oh!!!

You FOUND the words! Oh my gosh did you ever! How amazing that you gave yourself those two days ahead to ground and center and then help (<--! so much help!!) by being a Squam angel-- you did it up so right-- I am so glad it delivered the experience you needed in return.

Sarah h

I understand being alone. I love the solitude although it is tough sometimes.

SAW looked amazing!


It has been extremely hard to "reassimilate" (sp?) after SAW, but it was so worth it! I felt myself growing, and expanding, and then to return to my real, everyday life was a bit uncomfortable. I feel in the weeks that have followed SAW like I'm trying to figure out how to incorporate the new into the old, without shrinking altogether back into the place I was before I went. Which is so easy to do. to "feel the magic drain away" as you so perfectly phrased it. Thank you for sharing! On a side note (sorry for this long comment) the Flume looks beautiful! Do you think this would be a good place to take a 3 and 5 year old, or was the terrain difficult?

Susan Dean

Christina, that was such a lovely piece you wrote and certainly sums up my feelings and those of practically everyone I know
who has gone to Squam. I loved meeting you at the
Welcoming and I am so glad that you participated because you are right -- it does give you an immediate introduction to so many people you might not get achance to meet at all.

What I really really love is that the experience doesn't end with the last
day because I find myself thinking repeatedly during the year that if I can just get past whatever it is, I know there is a place out there where once again I will meet up with like minded spirits, and I
also selfeshly like the fact that I know something that really can't be explained to someone else
unless they have been there.


I hear you on the difficulty of re-entry, and I am SO excited to see what changes you decide to make. Whether they're enormous or tiny to outside observers, they will be significant and meaningful to you. And that's the only thing that matters.


I am so so very happy the NASWA worked for you! You captured the feeling of squam so perfectly. I call it my SAW ZEN, some time it's right there sometimes not so much. Trying to keep it alive is so important for me, and i thank elizabeth so much for providing the space and place to have the magic happen. I hope to meet you next year at squam....


Thank you for a wonderful post that really captures the Squam experience. I was a newbie this year, too, and now I really want to go back. I like the idea of volunteering very much!

Are you using the blank journal we received to keep the flame alive? I've been jotting down memories of Squam, things that made me happy while I was there, as well as reflecting on the changes I want to make in my life going forward.

Your post really touched a chord with me, because I too need to find a more fulfilling job. In my yoga class at Squam, we each chose an intention card and I nearly started crying when I saw that the one I took was about finding a wonderful new job!

Keep your highest intentions foremost in your mind and I'm sure they will come to pass.


What a beautifully written post - I could feel your emotion as I read it, and I certainly identify with it. You might want to check out a book by May Sarton called Journal of a Solitude, about her taking some time to herself. I've always loved the way she captured the experience in words.


Just loved your post. It reflects my same thoughts about Squam and the need for time alone to reflect and time to come together with others for a sense of community. You were a lovely cabin mate.


Christina...i love reading your post. Isn't SAW just the most wonderful experience ever?! It is so hard to come back down to earth afterwards. Ever since i've been home i've been on a quest to start knitting socks. I start a class in July and cannot wait. Someday i want to make the fabulous socks you were working on and wearing! It's hot and sunny here today..and i keep wishing i had a dock to go lie on; nap, knit and chat! Be well! xo Mary


i agree with everyone: well DONE! your story captures the experience so well, and rings true to most of us i suspect. thanks for sharing and i loved having you in class!


You certainly found all of the right words. Like many of the prior comments, your thoughts are certainly shared by me. I also agree with Goodharbormary's desire to start some socks. Yours were awesome and I still need to learn to sew. So many things to learn to keep the creativity blossoming. It was wondering getting to meet you and I enjoyed our brief chats when we ran into one another. I'm so glad you were a Squam Angel, which gave me the chance to meet you.


Hey Christina!
What a wonderful honest and open post about your feelings and life before and after squam. It was a pleasure meeting you and I hope you find a job worthy of your skills and wonderfuly personality. I hope to see you next year as SAW is one of the few things we can do for ourselves-----Carol

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